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Integrated Digital Marketing

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About this Course

Success in today's business world through marketing is based not only on the size of the digital footprint, but above all on a solid digital marketing strategy. The course is aimed primarily at small and medium-sized companies to tackle a coherent, integrated digital marketing, despite all resource scarcity. We look at the current issues in digital marketing and give you the knowledge and tools to address them from a strategic and practical perspective.

Based on understanding consumer behavior, key activities, success factors, and KPIs, you can sharpen your business strategy and conduct a digital marketing checkup. For your strategic focus, we consider your business goals to define an online value proposition and to develop the digital approach with the right marketing tactics. You also get the basis knowledge on developing an activity plan and monitoring their results.

As a graduate of the course, you will get a holistic view of what digital marketing means, so you can use it in all areas of your business life.

What you will learn

Our goal is to help you successfully implement your digital marketing activities for your business and immediately apply what you learn in this course. Using your current workplace challenges you will benefit from expert insights, best practice examples, approaches of other companies and discussions with fellow learners.

What you learn in concrete terms
  • What Integrated Digital Marketing is and why it is so important these days.
  • How to evaluate the digital marketing capabilities of your company.
  • How to conduct a simple competitive web analysis.
  • How to choose the most effective digital marketing tool mix.
  • How to use KPI's and influencer for marketing.
  • How to create a robust Integrated Digital Marketing Plan and
  • How to outline an action plan for implementing and monitoring your digital marketing strategy.

Course Content

Part 1: Introduction to Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Key Activities in Digital Marketing
Part 2: Digital Marketing Planning
  • Common Mistakes and Success Factors in Digital Marketing
  • The Integrated Digital Marketing Plan
Part 3: Situation Analysis
  • Introduction to Situation Analysis
  • Consumer Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Digital Capabilities Check
Part 4: Strategic Focus
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Digital Marketing Objectives
  • Positioning and Online Value Proposition
  • Main Digital Marketing Tactics
Part 5: Action Plan and Constant Optimisation
  • Introduction and Overview
  • The Digital Marketing Action Plan
  • Test and Learn Phase
  • Conclusion
Part 6: Influencer Marketing
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Influencers in the Marketing Funnel
  • Choosing an Influencer
  • Influencer Marketing KPIs
  • Conclusion
Part 7: Course Completion
  • Case Studies
  • Final Assessment

Important to know

Prerequisites:        You should have basic knowledge in marketing and be interested in a digital

Level:             Intermediate in marketing, basic in digital marketing

Length:             8 Weeks

Course Fee:            Free of charge

Course Language:       English

Enrollment Start Date:    March 01, 2022

Enrollment End Date:      Sept 30, 2022

Credit Pathways

How to Earn a Certificate

To earn the course certificate, learners must complete all required assessments and successfully pass the entire course.

From Certificate to a Master's Degree

This course is designed to offer learners a pathway to an advanced degree and can count as credit toward completing a Master’s degree programme at the Swiss Distance University of Applied Science (FFHS) or University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI).

Students of the study programme Master of Science Business Administration major Innovation Management (MScBA) can choose this course instead of the Strategic Marketing module. Upon successful completion, ECTS are credited.

Or you may be interested in continuing your academic education with the MScBA Innovation Management. If you are admitted to the study programme, the certificate entitles you to be dispensed from the Marketing module.

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Ute Eisenkolb

Programme Director MScBA major Innovation Management
Distance University of Applied Sciences Switzerland (FFHS)

Ute received her Master in Economics from the FU Berlin and holds various certificates such as in Digital Leadership or eDidactics. She has broad experience in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship, business development, investment management and higher education. She is responsible for a number of digital innovations.

Course Staff Image #2

Armon Pfister

Senior Lecturer and Coach
Distance University of Applied Sciences Switzerland (FFHS)

Armon holds a PhD in Economics and a Master's degree in Applied Psychology from University of Zurich. He has broad psychological-, research and teaching expertise in marketing, statistics, research methods and behavioural economics, and helps to realize various projects in digitization.

Course Staff Image #3

Daina Matise Schubiger

Researcher and Lecturer
University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Italian Switzerland (SUPSI)

Daina received her Master in Marketing with summa cum laude from the USI Lugano. Since 2013 she is teaching and researching at SUPSI DEASS. Her areas of expertise are marketing management, innovation, innovation adoption, project-based teaching in economics and management also with international and digital components.

Course Staff Image #3

Anastasija Tetereva

Lecturer and Coach
Distance University of Applied Sciences Switzerland (FFHS)

Anastasija holds a PhD in Economics and Finance from HSG, Switzerland, a Diploma in Mathematics from the University of Latvia, and Master's Degree in Statistics from HU Berlin, Germany. Prior to joining FFHS, she had a postdoctoral appointment at the Swiss Institute for Empirical Economic Research. Her search interests are mainly in the field of Financial Econometrics with a focus on machine learning methods and business applications for Data Science.

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    Sept 30, 2022
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    10h per week